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"easy to install, intuitive to use, great fun; thanx a lot!"

- Padi, November 11, 2008
"I was looking for a software that can create favourite drums, i was looking for that for so long. so, by happen i found this website and i'm sure that HammerHead is the right software. it is really good and easy to use!! not a freakish easy to use, the most easiest program i ever seen.

i would like to tell thanks to bram bos once again"

- Hamed, November 4, 2008

"Hi to everyone and special dear creator of this great software.

i download it right now and tasted it. words can explain my feeling on how great this software is! thanks a lot bram bos if i'm not wrong. i'm crazy after this software you made and wanna go crazy and hug you and kiss you! don't mind you're male or female!!! :-X
i love you cause of this really really really great freeware! and i can't still believe it! you are the best.. i'm telling you these words from bottom of my heart.

(and to all vista users, run it as administrator)

love you bram ;-)"

- Hamed, November 4, 2008

"you HAVE to download and use this software. it's amazing."

- Pepsii, September 28, 2008
"I have tried the gammut of free drum boxes and this IS the best. no question. It is PHAT. It exports beautifully - just the same as it sounded when you bring it into A DAW. Just excellent work. Really intuitive and very musical. The add on sets are great too."

- adam wolters, September 17, 2008
"thank god for this web site"

- abner, September 17, 2008
"nice work!!!

original freeware"

- kelpenoler, September 14, 2008


- hemo, September 9, 2008
"its awsome da best"

- yflame, September 5, 2008
"This thing is good"

- Picklekn, August 19, 2008
"Yo Hammer head is Da Shit Homie Wat eva u Need it's Here So If u want Free U Got Free With hammerhead"

- JMurda, July 23, 2008
"for everyone with Vista problems, right click on the .exe file and choose "run as administrator"


thanks for the awesome software. have had lots of fun with it, and recommended it to friends. Hammerhead is the top of free audio software in my book :)

only just discovered the user banks here on the website! adds a whole new dimension to the game!"

- mr nice, July 22, 2008

"thanks , but i have vista , and that don't work with vista , and cause me pb."

- manu, July 3, 2008
"Hammerhead is so much fun. I use as a drum machine to jam in my living room. Thanks to the programers and everyone for making this a free download. I look forward to new versions and other stuff from yous gus"

- pLaStiC PiPe, July 3, 2008
"It's good. I've used it to create tracks for my albums! www.cafepress.com/stevyg, www.soundclick.com/stevyg, music.download.com/stevyg"

- Stephen Gentles (StevyG), June 26, 2008
"Just popped by to see how business is doing.

Hammerhead is the only software drum machine I use, and the only one I need.

It runs great on both my machines (one Win98SE, the other WinXP), and I'm grateful for your efforts."

- Pete, June 15, 2008

"I'm having problems with it on Vista. The only thing
that happens is that a screen pops up with the logo
and what should be a button that says "Groovy"
that won't press.

- Ian Smith, June 14, 2008
"please.I dontnot donwload.help"

- antonio, June 14, 2008
"this is very good site i love tthis is kind of project"

- renan vitor, June 10, 2008
"Great program, easy and fun to use and yet it gives a nice output."

- Johan Manner, June 8, 2008
"this is great, i have a lot of fun with it"

- andrew, May 18, 2008
"Two words: Mac version. If anyone makes
software that only windows users can use, i give
it the lowest rating possible. I don't care how
much work and time you spend on it, because
making single platform applications is the
biggest waste of time EVER. (Excuse me while I
write a long rant on it.) This gets 0/10.
(If there IS one, I must have missed it, but I'm
convinced there isn't.)

- ?, May 13, 2008
"Great program. Only wish it had more channels lol. Hopefully 2.0 does come out, and guys with Vista...just try running as administrator or in compatability mode(right click->properties->compatability tab->run this program in compatability mode with xp service pack 2)"

- 9000234, May 11, 2008
"Everyone on here posting for Vista is a robot hater punk.

Game recognize game and hammerhead is looking mad familiar to me right now. It's easiest drum machine to program I have ever used and the sounds are rad. Stop hating!"

- Guy666, March 14, 2008

"be careful... this program doesn't work with Vista and made my laptop really wacky"

- beto, March 5, 2008
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