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"this is great, i have a lot of fun with it"

- andrew, May 18, 2008
"Two words: Mac version. If anyone makes
software that only windows users can use, i give
it the lowest rating possible. I don't care how
much work and time you spend on it, because
making single platform applications is the
biggest waste of time EVER. (Excuse me while I
write a long rant on it.) This gets 0/10.
(If there IS one, I must have missed it, but I'm
convinced there isn't.)

- ?, May 13, 2008
"Great program. Only wish it had more channels lol. Hopefully 2.0 does come out, and guys with Vista...just try running as administrator or in compatability mode(right click->properties->compatability tab->run this program in compatability mode with xp service pack 2)"

- 9000234, May 11, 2008
"Everyone on here posting for Vista is a robot hater punk.

Game recognize game and hammerhead is looking mad familiar to me right now. It's easiest drum machine to program I have ever used and the sounds are rad. Stop hating!"

- Guy666, March 14, 2008

"be careful... this program doesn't work with Vista and made my laptop really wacky"

- beto, March 5, 2008
"This program is sick, i drop the dankest beats with it. Props."

- Dréa Mílae, November 21, 2007
"hi just wunderin dus hammerhead work on vista.
it wud b a real help if u cud tel me

- matt, November 19, 2007
"asda güzel porfect"

- sergen, November 11, 2007
"Thank you guys, simple to use even for the slowest of us (me).
great for playing along with on guitar etc, having fun with it.

- matt, October 12, 2007

- Guilherme, October 6, 2007
"awesome drum machine especially since
it's free,i needed some sort of tempo ,for when i write riffs on guitar, this thing works perfect for that , GREAT PRODUCT ,keep up the good work

- terry, August 17, 2007
"really nice product!!!!"

- melanie, August 15, 2007
"nice software!"

- naner, August 1, 2007
"my nephew is a dj and i am try to make a rythm for him"

- Ashani Wright, July 29, 2007
"great program. i would recommend it for beginners or for those who want to make beats quickly and easily. the few beat samples can be mixed nicely and sound like completely new beats. all we need is more sounds/samples and more measures."

- LA, July 28, 2007
"Great prog for keeping my guitar playing in time It is just so versatile"

- A Muso, July 17, 2007
"I love Hammerhead so much... it's so small but yet so powerful! It improved my music so much. All I needed was a better drum beat, and Hammerhead helped me make one.


- Bubbleman4, July 14, 2007

"tou cannot download your program from your site,nor from the alturnative websites as that link does not work."

- JB, June 28, 2007
"Great piece of software right here. Helped me get where I wanted to be with creating music."

- John Keenan, June 2, 2007
"it waz ok but i need something that can go longer and i can mix with my labels songs."

- justin, May 21, 2007
"it is a very usefull programm and it is nice ;)"

- K.K, April 3, 2007
"Long time user of Hammerhead...There is so much fuctionality in this little package. Pair the results of Hammerhead with other quality progs and you can't go wrong.

Thanx Hammerhead!"

- govgrant, March 31, 2007

"Fantastic tool, easy to use and quick to adjust. Good too, for experimenting and trying new rythems.
Tip: When your surfing the net sellect a rythem at a nice speed to suit your mood and run it in the background.

- Vince_the_Prince, March 28, 2007
"Im working around with HammerHead for about 4 Month and its still astonishing me what I can do with it. With that tool im making complete soundtracks some kind of groovi techno i never haerd before... By the way eaven my girlfrien and my rockband members like it in a way... Thanks a lot and please go on... Im wating for the next version with more patterns and mor mesures... I love U"

- MellowX, March 26, 2007
"I like it..."

- Mike, March 11, 2007
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