HammerHead Rhythm Station is not the only free groove machine for Windows (even if it is the best one ;-). Below is a selection of other drumboxes that you might want to try out if you for one reason or another aren't completely satisfied with HammerHead.
Moron Sound Studio 0.99.8r
HammerHead clone for DOS (works under Windows as well). Moron can load, edit and save HammerHead patterns and user banks as well as its own format. Moron also has a few extra features, and two extra channels.
DrumBox 1.0a Beta
Basic 8-channel drum software by the guy who made TS-404. Similar to Hammer-
Head, but with the ability to change pitch, distortion and overdrive on each individual channel. Loads wave files (mono or stereo) directly, no "user banks" needed.
leafDrums 2.2
This is a new and interesting shareware drum loop creator. The number of sounds that can be used is unlimited, and so is the length of the patterns. A number of effects can be added to each sound. The GUI could use a bit more work though...
Rramm Drrumm 1.2
Dedicated tool for playing drum (and any other one-shot stereo or mono) samples via MIDI input. It can be used as a drum machine with a sequencer. Rramm Drrumm has a 16-sample polyphony for each layer and 5 velocity layers per note.
Hotstepper 1.003
12-channel drum box with lots of features, including adjustable velocity, pitch and panning for each event, adjustable number of bars/ticks for each pattern (allowing for triplets and 3/4 time) and a song sequencer for putting all your patterns together.

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