Below is a bunch of free programs that may be of interest to anyone who uses his/her computer to create music and HammerHead users in particular. All apps are for Windows 95/98 unless noted.

If you know of any freeware apps that belong on this page, please drop a line in the Forum.
DrumSynth 2
DrumSynth is a synthesizer for producing drum sounds. It can reproduce sounds from classic analogue drum machines with new clarity and programmability, but also make entirely new drums, pitched sounds and sound effects!
TS-404 1.05
This is a virtual analogue, multitimbral synthesizer. It features all of the basic concepts of a real, analogue synth. A step sequencer lets you easily edit the notes. You can freely link the generators to build up to 8-oscillator sounds!
DDClip 2.23 Free
Basic and intuitive multi-track audio sequencer that can record and play up to four tracks of digital audio (and one video track) simultaneously. You can use DDClip to mix together your wave samples and create whole songs.
Cool Edit 96
Shareware digital audio editor. Use it to record, play, edit, add effects to and mix your audio samples. Reads most audio formats, and there's a batch conversion feature to quickly convert your samples to RAW for use with the Userbank Creator.
SimSynth 1.3
Very capable subtractive sound synthesizer. It gives you three oscillators, one LFO, filter/amplitude/oscillator envelopes and some stereo effects to play with. The sound quality is excellent and your sounds can be saved to a .WAV or .RAW file.
GranuLab 1.0
With this very cool realtime granular synthesizer you can manipulate and totally change the characteristics of your sound samples on the fly. It's great for enhancing or roughing up drum loops.
SayIt 2.03
Computer speech synthesizer that produces output similar to the classic Speak & Spell. The program outputs 44.1 kHz, 16-bit, mono wave files and can handle phrases up to 500 characters long.
ER-0 1.4
Drum synthesizer, based on the Korg ER1. Intuitive GUI, and capable of producing a wide range of analogue sounding percussive sounds.
MoonFish 1.2
The MoonFish is a tracker with a genuine groovebox-interface. It supports only 3 channels to force you to be creative with your samples. The challenge is to create powerful tracks with it, despite its limitations.
Sample browser that can scan through your entire hard drive for sound clips in a number of formats. You can then audition them immediately or drag & drop them into a wave editor.
WavGlue 1.0
This small and very easy-to-use utility takes a list of .WAV files and "glues" them together into one big file. This might come in handy if you want to make complex drum loops that are longer than the eight measures HammerHead is limited to.

External links:

Buzz - A tracker for the 21:st century.
XRAZOR/2 - Rhythmic loop mutilation tool. [Direct Download]
The Tuareg - Sequencer/loop-composer/remixer by Bram Bos.
Rubberduck - Classic TB 303-like softsynth.
dBpowerAMP - Convert WAV to MP3 and other formats, rip CDs.
Stomper Hyperion - The tool for making phat drum sounds.

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