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"thanks =)im ready to rock dancefloor!!!' "

- andrew, May 25, 2011
"This software is so easy.
Downloaded last january. Tried it on my windows 7 32 and wasn't able to produce anything the first time.
Try it again this morning with free mind. This is impressive.
Many thanks to the author.

- Ezcad, May 22, 2011
"JUNK!! Downloaded and uninstalled 3 times on Win.7....messed with it for 2 hrs. and couldn't get a single sound. Thanks for wasting my fucking time with your piece of shit software!"

- DJ Earthworm, April 18, 2011
- right click on desktop button
- click on properties (or features?; in german: "Eigenschaften")
- choose the tab comatibility (german: "Kompatibilität")
- click on: "run programm in compatibility mode" (german: "In kompatibilitätsmodus ausführen")
- choose as compatibility mode: Windows XP (Service Pack 3)

You need SP 3 of course! ;-)

really great and nice prog for playing my 6string!"

- Mark, April 3, 2011


- Mash, March 27, 2011
"HH is fantastic!
Greetings from Italy

- Lion87, March 25, 2011
"Have always found Hammerhead good for quickly knocking out short loops and patterns. It and Stomper were my inspirations for creating the free FlexibeatzII. Features:

* TR909/TB303/X0X style sequencing interface
*Plays any wav files in its 10 channels
*Note resolution to 32nds
*Chain patterns up to 999 measures
*Dynamically vary pan, pitch and level of each sound in each channel, as well as each sample's play start and end point while the sequence is playing
*Set swing and accent
*Mute and solo per channel
*Lock BPMs of sounds in channels to master tempo
*Auto stretch samples to fit a specified fraction of a measure, or to multiple measures
*Dynamically specify which sounds can cutoff (mute) which other sounds, if they are still playing
*Randomize sample selection per channel and notes per pattern per channel
*Auto-generate arpeggiator patterns
*Ability to process and add effects to the samples in each channel: reverse, 3 types of distortion, master LP filter, freely draw and apply pitch envelope to a sound, freely draw and apply LP, HP or BP filter envelope to a sound, freely draw and apply a volume envelope to a sound, chorus, delay, compression, change amplitude of positive and negative halves of the waveform independently, reverb, lo-fi (bit and sample rate reduction), 3-band parametric EQ (featuring LP, HP, BP, Lo Shelf, Hi Shelf, Notch, Peak), stutter effect, auto chop up waveform and randomly re-assemble, apply waveshaping by manipulating individual harmonics, change pitch without affecting duration, change duration without affecting pitch, vocoder, ring modulator, auto-wah
*Ability to synthesize sounds from scratch, and use these in the channels as instruments, or combine them with samples in various ways (such as FM'ing one with the other)
*Record sequence to a .wav file while its playing
*Record level slider movements
*Export patterns to .wav files without playing them
*Automatically isolate the 'hits' in a drum loop and export each slice as a separate .wav file, and import each slice into a separate channel
*Graphical time and frequency spectrum display of each sound in each channel
*Slave playback via midi sync to another sequencer (eg a DAW, hardware sequencer etc)

- Jim, March 17, 2011

"To Vista users and anyone else who can't use it, right click the Hammer icon, and run it as an administrator."

- Jay, March 16, 2011
"omg !!

that's a great!

with this ... I can go to a DJ contest XDD"

- Marcoooo, March 2, 2011

"very nice keep it up"

- gregorio edalio, February 6, 2011
"impossible to understand, i dont get it"

- ljblohjb, January 31, 2011
"Excellent and very useful program.
Thanks for having this great tool for free :)

- noz, December 29, 2010

- joe, December 29, 2010
"Dont work on windows7"

- joe, December 29, 2010

- Brad, December 26, 2010
"This is great for when I just want to
goof off or throw something together. I
can make a simple 3 measure beat in
hammer head and then splice it up with
various vst effects in reaper and like
magic I have a whole songs backing beat
in less than 15 minutes.

- Joe, December 20, 2010
"As a bass player, this download was a fantastic find. A reasonable range of realistic accoustic drumsounds. I find it inspiring and it's instantly editable AND you can save a rhythm so easilly!The ONLY downside was no TOMS but hey... it's FREE and I love it to bits!"

- ewan hayne, December 4, 2010
"Used this app for sges but now wont support vista, cant get past the intro screen because the groovy button does not function. please rescue"

- Bob, November 14, 2010
"great, this program, rocks!!!..."

- brian alvarez, October 16, 2010
"I haven't downloaded Hammerhead yet, but this user comments section is very funny!"

- Derek, October 15, 2010
"es ist sehr cool und lustig"

- Aliibrahim, October 1, 2010
"This is very great"

- diekillerhand, August 22, 2010
"The link on this website that is supposed to download the HammerHead Rythm Station actually ends up downloading a completly different program called Hardware Helper from a a company called PC HelpSoft. It is a software utility program to help you find up to date PC drivers. Someone made a mistake in uploading the wrong program to this website for the public to download to their computers. Whoever the website administrator/master is for Threecords.com please fix this issue. The alternate website links also offer Hardware Helper too not the Hammerhead program as advertised. All the other music freebies are very enjoyable to listen to and download. Very grateful for your generosity and kindness. It's very much appreciated.

Thank you.

A budding computer musician."

- slvrtrz3000, August 21, 2010

"PRO: This is perfect metronome software for practicing bass or guitar. Easy, fast, intuitive.

CON: Doesnt work in 3/4 time; doesnt work with new Windows."

- Steve M, August 2, 2010

"doesnt work on windows 7 64bit"

- ross hughes, July 23, 2010
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