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"Great ingihst! That's the answer we've been looking for."

- 1vYTLh6ohyu, January 21, 2016
"The pucrahses I make are entirely based on these articles."

- dnmQsOZq8TGD, January 21, 2016
"Not bad at all fellas and gaslla. Thanks."

- HOAdslm6, January 21, 2016
"wuo yeah!!"

- Aleman, January 5, 2016
"Thanks for this software"

- lolojoj, December 18, 2015
"quero testar"

- carlos, April 10, 2015
"Groovy :)
Works in Windows 8!
Nice to see links to Buzzmachines too!

- Brian, March 22, 2015
nice struff

- wilco, October 21, 2014
"doesn't work at all. you probably need
to recode this thing to make it work
properly in Windows 8. Of course not
much seems to work properly in Windows
8, but that's neither here nor

- chris, August 23, 2014
"I have had hammerhead for awhile. I would like to donate some money. It seems to me you had a link for that some time back. What happened?
Also, can I download the manual?


- James Wirth, July 18, 2014

"I have had hammerhead for awhile. I would like to donate some money. It seems to me you had a link for that some time back. What happened?


- James Wirth, July 18, 2014

"I think in one word music is fantastic.
I love to listen to music ...
it seems too great to make it

- jacolien, June 27, 2014
"hope fun fun fun maybe"

- lek, May 19, 2014
"It's works fine, I've used it before.
Perfect for what I need.

- Fazal Miles, April 17, 2014

- Genioul, March 30, 2014
"it is a wonderful mechiene for creating rythm and make enjy life"

- rajesh, February 5, 2014
"One of the best rhythm generators , I had downloaded the first version and download the current version right now . It would be very good if you add other music instruments like guitars and violins etc . But very special thanks for your nice app ."

- Leon, August 25, 2013
"Its great! Does all I need to get a
background rhythm going - and is easy to
learn to use.

- Phil Allen, August 6, 2013
"Oh My God. This is what started it all in the 90s for
me and a few friends.

I am so chuffed it is still here!!

Thanks so much


- Ek, August 3, 2013

"i love this app its been over 1S0 years
since i used i cant wait.....P.S...I
have mad some sick beats back in the

- robert joyce, June 2, 2013
"So what gives?

COMODO Antivirus


Suspicious@25ajw84rdz33m "

- Jeffery Wright, February 27, 2013

I was looking for user-friendly rhythm software to back my average guitar playing. Downloaded HammerHead today and first impressions are excellent.
Great sound with real ease of use.
Many thanks.

- Casper, January 22, 2013
"After I installed this and opened it I
let it set with the first window where
it shows the version and Groovy button-
looking thing at the bottom. As I could
not click anything, I let it set for up
to at least 6 minutes. It did absolutely
nothing. Fix this now.

- Nick, January 19, 2013
"Es uno de los mejores programas de drums simple y facil dede hace ya 10 aņos que lo uso"

- cesar castillo, June 3, 2012
"This hammerhead rhythm beat is really good it works fine no hassale specially no virus
it's bassically a good grove hammer beat. Thank you for creating and giving this hammerhead for every one.
God bless you.

- Jay, May 27, 2012
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