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"It needs odd timing"

- Dustin, May 29, 2009
"I had been trying Hammerhead already more than 10 years ago on Windows 95 but I totally forgot about it. I downloaded and installed it again just a couple of days ago and I am surprised that it still works even on Windows XP.
I created some drum loops and used them in Cubase and did not have any problems.

- Frank Thomas, May 27, 2009
"just what I was looking for, I mean
it achieves the levels for doing
something whith quality... thanks for
been there making things easier to
others, that“s real love!

- sajo, May 27, 2009
"yodawg it aint working"

- yoyo, May 22, 2009
"Tas ir pārsteidzošs programmu. ne tikai tas strādā labi, un ir ļoti stabils, bet arī userbank autors ir pārsteidzošs kā labi.

hammerhead ir liels"

- foršs puisis, May 19, 2009

"damn this is amazing i love it and my pet turtle does too!"

- fockyshityfuckfuckfuck, May 19, 2009
"Wohhh fuck this is AMAZING!!!!!!!!
I live this program and so does my pet chimpanzee!

- damnedbloodyshit, May 19, 2009

- JJJJ, May 11, 2009
"my install went quick and easy..now imtracks gonna lay down some"

- tommy pickles, May 3, 2009
"I've used this app for some time now and I never get tired of using it. I can lay down a beat, make a .wav file of it and use it in Tu2. I have just played around with the software for hours at a time. Just goes to prove you don't need new software (or pay big buck$ for it) to be productive. Many many thanx!! :))"

- ZuluMan, May 2, 2009
"yo hommie's iv got this program an its the shit dude u can hip hop ure own beats from kanye west to tupac
to whatever u need this shit for man if ur looking for a beat maker hammer head is the one love to all my people out there

- liam, April 16, 2009
"Excelente soft!! muy intuitivo y amigable, en pocos minutos se comprende el funcionamiento. Gracias. Thanks."

- Argentino, April 11, 2009
"I've been using Hammerhead since 2002 in my classrooms - an easy introduction to making beats and making music. kids love it and get it real quick - they're better at using this than some of the fancier software that is supposed to make it easier for you to create music.
Being able to be modified by the user makes it a breeze for those of us who want to add new sound or new beats to the bassline sets.
Best of all, though why it should be is beyond me, is that it is free for anyone to use.

- bandcoach, April 10, 2009
"Just downloaded it. It's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!"

- Eric, April 2, 2009
"wont run on my computer"

- kk;sld, March 15, 2009
"This is where I learn to sample, how many year ago??? I'm getting older, I

It could be open software to have a VST version.

Love Hammerhead!"

- Rene Burns, March 14, 2009

"Thank you for this comment Mr Nice, you've saved my life... "for everyone with Vista problems, right click on the .exe file and choose "run as administrator", I was about to kill my lap."

- Juan Raya (México), March 10, 2009
"This software was my first 'drum computer' back in the 90's - and I still use it sometimes.

It's free! It's precise! It's easy to use! It's great!"

- Christoph Schuetz, March 4, 2009

"I have been using hammerhead for 10+ years its still the easiest to use beat maker I have found and yet high qaulity"

- DJ Kapp, March 2, 2009
"cool. Good fun and creates good jam tracks"

- Jammy, February 24, 2009
"nice beats"

- steven, February 19, 2009
"i love this... a great tool. i put the loops together on soundforge then dump them on my 8-track (analog). sounds amazing..."

- eduardo, January 14, 2009
hammerhead rocks.

- matt, January 5, 2009
"I fucking love it. It is so user friendly and I have only been tinkering with it for about 10 minutes and I get it. Somebody is a mother fucking genius!"

- newb, no total noob, January 4, 2009
"Thanks guys this is the best drum machine I have tried."

- Lance Krackovitz, December 31, 2008
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