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this program is like the craziest sh!t ever, lol.. a very good program indeed, im surprised its free. :D"

- ubik, May 12, 2006

"As a hardcore Music Generator 2 (PS2) user, I find Hammerhead's simplicity refreshing. No fuss. A nice beat maker for beginers and vets alike. It's great for making drumtracks to play in Rubberduck or Moonfish. I implore ALL to check out this sweet freebie!"

- Firefly/Crooked Circle Kult, May 10, 2006
"best thing ever... so easy and effective.

ps u could so easy put a price on this thing. =]"

- Solid, May 4, 2006

""Guitar" This is amazing, thank you so much. I will check back under the comments in two weeks of the results.
Thanks again....

- Harrison, April 11, 2006
"Thank you so much for making this program! It is great!

Note to other (potential) users:

This is not just a toy for creating dance "music". It can be used in many different kinds of music - Batzz in the Belfry, for instance, are a Goth band who use it - and rivals most commercial drum machines I have come across."

- IWK, March 31, 2006

"This one is really incredible,cool,stuff. Thanx for giving it free."

- Rohit , March 29, 2006
"This free download is the "Shizznittle Snip Snap Snip Snizzle" I've made some pretty bomb beats for rapping. Thanks dudes!"

- Justin Tweed Wallin, March 12, 2006
"Over joyed best stuff around when i fiddled around for a while its great download it know!!"

- Mark, March 7, 2006
"Awesome! Can't believe it's free!"

- N. Gallagher, March 6, 2006
"Easy To Use And Bad Ass!"

- Hank C, February 21, 2006
"this is great! no naff sounds, just simple and easy to use and play with!"

- maz, February 18, 2006
"superb!!! now i can add great patterns to my guitar tracks!!! excellent!!!"

- chris van halen, February 16, 2006
"An excellent creation and rhythm at its best. Hammerhead is one of the most useful loop creator programs on the web with such high quality sounds and versitility. For something that is not shareware, this program is truly priceless in every meaning."

- BluWinters, February 12, 2006
"Welp. I just got HH. Its pretty tricky in the beginning. But I got the jist of it quick after wards. I like it.

***** Five stars goes out to HH!"

- DEEJAY Hollien, February 5, 2006

"the program is alright..it cant save into mp3 format so dats why i dont like it...i need a program compatible with my beatmappers in my multitrack sample progz"

- chinatownpimp, February 5, 2006
"Sweet, I love this programme! Its just so easy to use. I've had musical ambitions for years, but this is the first time I like the shit I make! I don't know how to thank you enough [because I'm a poor man]!!"

- Rune 70000, February 2, 2006
"I owned both TR606 and 808 Hard-Boxes in the eighties, and played some with this Dutch Hammerhead back in 1998, to my absolute delight. It's only drawback is the lack of Non-Even cycling, e.g: 7/8ths 5/4ths etc. Hope to be proven wrong"

- Yuval (Am I wrong?), January 21, 2006
"WAUW!! No, serious ... WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I'm a 27y old Terror/Hardcore/Industrial/Break & Shit dj from Belgium. This IS the one that I was looking for, EASY&PERFECT DRUMPAD! Thx Bram Bos!!"

- Artificial Noize Disturbance, January 10, 2006
"You Know I Just A Dropped A DOPE BEAT

- Mc hammer, December 28, 2005
"easy and clear dowload
well done all those hammerheads!

- alex, December 26, 2005
"Very very good program.This program "Supeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrr Yeahhhhh""

- Ulvi, December 25, 2005
"I can't find a place to upload my files made with hammerhead to. Can you please help me."

- icemaster, December 19, 2005
"Very nice drum machine. Thanks so much for your hard work.


- Frog, December 19, 2005

"its great. are there any plans for making it skinable? i am so used to fruity loops set up i cant tell very easy when something is selected.

but feature wise A+"

- ben, November 30, 2005

"I downloaded this program years ago and my old computer died and I lost everything. I had to comeback because this program is so simple, it feels like you can create any beat that pops in your head."

- Aaron Stines, November 12, 2005
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