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"How can it use it if I cant click the groovy

- Snai, February 20, 2010
"So.. Installed it, ran it, can't get past the Groovy-button. Clicking it just gives me the "Null" sound alert, and nothing happens."

- zerk, February 5, 2010
"Great...really easy to use. and free"

- Dan, February 2, 2010
"I love this software. It's fun and easy to use, and it's free! What more could you ask for?"

- Cowper.jt, January 18, 2010
"This program sucks.... I keep getting a popup about sending a message to bram.bos@student-kmt.hku.nl and I can't even try the software....Beware don't use this download and E-mail that email and tell them what you think about popups"

- Chauncy James, January 7, 2010
"Hammerhead keeps me honest when I'm working on new stuff. I like the way I can set tempo and keep time."

- Rick, January 7, 2010
"have used for years to try rhythms and add to other programs...need to have a Windows 7 compatible version...I cant get it to work at all, even with compatibility tested."

- jackie, January 5, 2010
"I am using it as a 'metronome' to practice my bass guitar skills and its simply prefect, I don`t have to waste time creating drum lines in a complicated software.

Thanks for this great prog!"

- lacisz, December 22, 2009

"love it i used it before now back on it"

- f diddy, December 22, 2009
"I have had hammerhead for a very long time, And it is great!!
It was one of the very first music programs I had when I started making music a good few years ago.
Thank you for such a cool program!!

- .:Screaming Zombie:., December 17, 2009
"When i try to start the programm... i cant klick on the "Groovy" Button - There isnt any place to click on O.o

it seems this programm doesn't run on Vista... Sh** happens...."

- Anonymus, December 16, 2009

"Great software! Love it, love it, love it! And best of all, it's free! 5 Star"

- Joshua, December 1, 2009
"Ran this on my system at work XP no problem..... tried to run it at home Vista.... downloaded installed but would not run..... any thoughts or help would be much appreciated"

- David, November 26, 2009
"qdf hsd fdg"

- dqs qsdf, November 13, 2009
"beats don't play at all...what was the
point in this??

- steven, November 3, 2009

- zzz, October 4, 2009
"its dont work by my :("

- s.v.s, September 28, 2009


- wALTER, September 23, 2009

"very good"

- kecd, September 16, 2009
"it's very good!!!

- jim, September 8, 2009
"Im gonna use now. Give me some time to know it."

- jack, September 6, 2009
"this is a great program i don't gotta look for anymore programs just to make my own beats!"

- Hecdor, September 3, 2009
"I first tried this back in the late
90's, I'm glad to see it still around.
This program is was alot of fun and the
fact that it's free doesn't hurt either.

- Timtek, August 25, 2009
"I just downloaded HammerHead tonight for the 1st time. I forking love this program already! No problems at all it just downloaded right away. Rockin'!"

- Ken, August 24, 2009
"This is a great program. if anyone cannot hear it, I know what your problem is: you need to click on of the golden or blue thingys. These are notes (quarter, eighth, on up). Warning: if you click all of them, the drums will all go on at the same time.
I love this free program. Hammerhead is awesome!

- duh, August 12, 2009
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