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"I got this thing to practice banjo to, but i think i might use it when i perform, it would be pretty messed up to play banjo to some jungle beats in front of an audience! it's an easy and fun machine."

- Mr Oogi Boogi, March 19, 2012
"Its so awesome!!!!!!!!!"

- Dallas, March 7, 2012
I downloaded it & was jamming a really cool beat that I created within 5 minutes!!! Great sounds & very easy to work with. THANX!
Battery Recording Studio,
Crown Point Indiana

- Laurence Langley, February 20, 2012
"This is the 3rd time I've downloaded
this program. Every time I get a new
laptop its one of my first reinstalls
love it even after 10yrs it's great.

- Adrift, February 16, 2012
"I do like this drum machine. I wasn't happy initially as I got the dreaded "Groovy" Button come up, and this will not go away unless you "run as administrator". I have also tried creating wav files but unfortunately it doesn't work in Windows 7. If it did that it would be great. Thanks for an enjoyable program nonetheless. Will we see an update one day?"

- Neil Paddock, February 2, 2012
"It works on win7 but it won't save WAV.
The file just disapears. Help!

- Daniel, January 28, 2012
"this is the best free simple drum machine software that i have found. i don't mean simple as in limited, i mean simple as in, the software gets out of your way and simply lets you create beats for your music. haven't tried it on win7 yet."

- Eric S., January 24, 2012
"just found out how this works. for
WINDOWS 7: RIGHT CLICK on the icon then
the program runs. PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE

- anon, December 31, 2011
"The button groovy is shit.It is not possible to erase it."

- check, December 30, 2011
"very good, very good very good"

- Paul, December 6, 2011
"Right now the only thing that works is
the pop up that says "groovy." The
program doesn't seem to work at the
moment but I guess I'll keep trying.

- Drew, December 4, 2011
"Why wont this fucking thing go away. This is not groovy."

- bob, December 1, 2011
"Fucking awesome... Its free so there is nothing to complain about and everything to be thankfull for,,,,this lil program is simple to use easily DL loops tones of fun here make a good beat up and Jam away... this totly awesome thanks heaps for the free soft ware :-)"

- Mattropolis, November 11, 2011
"this is fucking bullshit. i cant even
see what i am typing because some
stupid ass goddamned logo popped up
when i tried to open this piece of
shit and the only option it gives me
is "groovy". no fucking "close" no
fucking "ok" just goddamn "groovy".
and whats worse is it doesnt serve any
purpose. the button does fuck all and
now im stuck with it and have no way
of removing it. fuck this program and
fuck whoever made it. oh and also fuck
your mother while im at it. this is
bullshit. do not download this all it
does is fuck shit up and it doesnt
give a flying fuck whether it gets in
your way or not.

- fuck you, November 10, 2011
"I like it!:) Thank you!"

- Neely, November 4, 2011
"I used this once a long time ago and it was pretty good, but now I've decided to try and get it on my new computer and it won't work due to being denied access for some reason. I'm disappointed that I can't get it to write beats anymore."

- drummuh boi, November 1, 2011
"Really cool machine. How about a vst

- Chris, November 1, 2011
"I use Hammerhead (once in a while) for more than 10 years and ... It's just the best"

- Jeoffrey Stiernon, October 14, 2011
"yheaaa is the best"

- b, September 20, 2011
"so easy to use,love it thanks mate."

- andy ferguson, September 10, 2011
"it is very nice experience"

- gknarendrudu, September 8, 2011
"Geiles program macht echt spaß."

- ghostcat, August 18, 2011
"This must be a heaven-sent for
practising guitarists like me. Superb!
God bless you for this free gift!

- Joseph Cherian, June 17, 2011

very easy interface, very satisfying. 10 seconds and I had beats.


- z-dawg, June 14, 2011

"I installet but not working, and try other program on thunderbeat.net . GREAT THUNDER BEAT D3 working on Vista and 7 !!"

- Lenth, May 26, 2011
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