Creating a simple drum loop
This is a tutorial to help you get started with HammerHead Rhythm Station. It will teach you the basics of drum loop creation.
Saving your pattern as a wave file
This tutorial takes you through the process of streaming your patterns to disk so you can use them in other programs.
Using the Userbank Creator
If you're not sure exactly how to import your own samples into HammerHead by using the Userbank Creator application, this tutorial will teach you the trick.
Using HammerHead in your music
Alan Brown, a member of Mistake Theory, offers us some tips on how he uses Hammerhead to create loops in Mistake Theory's music, taking through the process he used in the song "Broken Earth".
Odd time signatures
Even though HammerHead wasn't really designed for it, it is not impossible to make drum loops in odd time such as 3/4, 5/4, 6/8 or 7/8.
How to play triplets
Triplets are a fundamental part of many drum loops and in this tutorial you'll find out how to use them in your HammerHead patterns.

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