Q: Will HammerHead run on Vista?
A: HammerHead runs fine on Vista, except for some minor glitches in the graphics. If you have User Account Control activated, you may have to choose "Run this program as an administrator" though. To enable that option, right click on the .exe file, go to "Properties", then the "Compatibility" tab.

Q: Will there be a new version of HammerHead soon?
A: Don't hold your breath. Bram Bos turned HammerHead into the commercial B.Box (distributed by Steinberg) and had to drop all support for HH as a part of the deal. As a consequence, HH hasn't been updated in over 10 years. You can check out Bram Bos' latest projects at brambos.com.

Q: Is it possible to convert HammerHead files to a format I can actually use, like wav or mp3?
A: Yes!! You can stream your patterns to wav or raw. See related tutorial.

Q: I get no sound??
A: Try closing all applications that use sound (including the Userbank Creator), then restart HammerHead. If that doesn't work, check your sound settings.

Q: Why do my samples sound much faster/slower than they should when I load them in the Userbank Creator?
A: The Userbank Creator is very picky when it comes to file formats. You must make sure your samples are 44.1 kHz, 16-bit, mono. Anything else will sound corrupt in HammerHead. It's also wise to keep your samples smaller than 256 kB.

Q: When I run the program, I come to the splash-screen with a button that says "Groovy" but when I try to click on it, nothing happens. What's wrong?
A: You're most likely trying to run hammer.exe from the WinZip window. You must extract the files to a folder on your hard disk, then run the program. It's also possible that you've only extracted the program file (hammer.exe) but not the rest of the files in the archive. (This answer does not apply to those who have installed HammerHead using the hh_install.exe file.)

Q: OK, so why do I get these popping noises in my imported samples?
A: You are probably trying to import samples in .WAV format. You need to change the format to raw. This can be done with the shareware version of Cool Edit 96.

Q: When I stream my pattern to disk it starts writing the wave from a random start point instead of writing it from the start of the sequence.
A: To write a good sequence, first create and save it. Then open the file again and stream to disk without playing it first. Also, if you have a cymbal toward the end of the last measure, leave an empty measure after the last. That way the cymbal won't be cut off.

Q: Is there a Mac port of HammerHead?
A: Bram Bos' reply: I have had reports of people running it on SoftWindows. But to answer your question: there is no native Mac version of Tuareg or HammerHead.

Q: How can I make a user sample of a breakbeat that's longer than one bar?
A: You can't, the Userbank Creator's "stretch to measure" option makes HammerHead shift the pitch of the sample to fit in exactly one measure. You'll have to use a sample/wave editor to cut the sample in two equally sized halves, then import them as to two separate user samples.

Q: Are HammerHead's "breakbeat" samples and/or the samples found in the user bank archive public domain, so I won't get sued if I use them in my songs?
A: Bram Bos' reply: I have no clue who the original artists or sources are. All of these samples have been floating around in the public domain for ages. Personally, I'd say you can use them - especially because they have all been used hundreds of times before.

Q: Why can't I open my backed up .HH files?
A: Har's reply: The .HH files I had backed up from when I was on NT4 had their Properties set to "Read-Only". It seems Hammerhead will *ignore* .HH files set this way.

So if you ever have problems getting HH to open and recognize your .HH pattern files, right-click on the file in Windows Explorer and make sure that the "Read Only" box is UN-checked!! This seems to take care of the problem.
*) Frequently Asinine Questions.

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