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 The user samples are assigned
  to the last six instruments in
  the instrument pull-down list.


Userbank Creator 1.4 is an application that lets you import up to 6 samples of your own into HammerHead. These samples are represented by the last six instruments in the instrument pull-down list (called <User 1>, <User 2> ... <User 6>). The user-samples are saved in a file with the extension .HUB.

You can also use the Userbank Creator to open up an existing user bank and replace some of the individual sounds.

1. Open the Userbank Creator. The file is called makebank.exe and is located in the your HammerHead folder. The program window looks like this:

Userbank Creator
2. Now you can start to import your samples. Please note that all samples you import must be 44.1 kHz / 16 bit / mono / RAW files. Anything else will sound like rubbish. It's also wise to keep your samples smaller than 256 kb. A good shareware wave editor you can use to convert between different sound formats is Cool Edit 96.
3. To import a sample, click on one of the Import buttons. If you press the import button next to Sample 1, that sample will be assigned to <User 1> etc. After you've selected your sample and clicked on Open, you can press the Play sample button to make sure you've imported the right sample. Note that when you play the samples inside the Userbank Creator, they might sound a bit distorted, but that doesn't affect how they sound in HammerHead Rhythm Station.
4. Each user sample has the option Stretch to measure. When this option is checked HammerHead will treat the sample like a breakbeat and stretch it to fit exactly in the measure - depending on the tempo. In the other case (unchecked) HammerHead will play the sample at 44.1 kHz.
5. When you're done, enter a description in the Bank description field. Click on Save, choose a name and - voila! - your user bank is ready to use.
6. Close the Userbank Creator before starting HammerHead (otherwise you might not get any sound). To import your newly made .hub file, click on Userbank: Sample bank.

Then find your .hub file and open it. "Sample Bank" should now have changed to whatever you entered as Bank description.

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