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There are 2533 loops in the archive. The latest loop was added by AK on September 23, 2015.

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Jimmy Turnip E-mail Jimmy Turnip Jimmy In India Tabla  01/22/06
SwapnilconverterE-mail Swapnilconverter Konkan Bhajan Wark   07/18/08
BalaE-mail Bala Lord Muruga   07/02/06
BalaE-mail Bala Love   07/02/06
NepoxxxE-mail Nepoxxx Rasta   11/19/05
UrbanfaeriE-mail UrbanfaeriVisit homepage Rolling Hills   07/02/07
T Phase RE-mail T Phase Snacks   03/21/06
DoggitydogsE-mail Doggitydogs Synthetic Bugg   07/21/08
BiginjapanE-mail Biginjapan Tabla   12/24/05
FnkyDrmrE-mail FnkyDrmr Tabla 1   05/02/05
AK RE-mail AK Tabla Fun   02/21/05
AK RE-mail AK Tabla Fun 2   02/21/05
Gensai RVisit homepage TablaFun(remix)   03/10/05
Gensai RVisit homepage TablaFun2(remix)   03/10/05
Salvadork RE-mail SalvadorkVisit homepage Take It Easy   03/23/09
Alberto de AvyzE-mail Alberto de AvyzVisit homepage The Crazy Yoga 01   01/05/07
FourfingerringE-mail Fourfingerring Aerosol Science TR-505  06/13/03
ManomanE-mail Manoman Vidro   01/26/03
Dlaory RE-mail Dlaory Roland Dlaor TR-606 #1  10/17/05
Shadow RE-mail Shadow Some Ol Pimp Shit   01/17/03
TorpedoE-mail TorpedoVisit homepage Awake TR-606 #2  02/19/09
Paul M.JE-mail Paul M.JVisit homepage Fulinais   09/29/04
CaseRZA187E-mail CaseRZA187 Homage   07/31/07
T Phase RE-mail T Phase Slinky   04/01/06
BiginjapanE-mail Biginjapan Straight Drive 3   12/24/05
CradleOfFilth88E-mail CradleOfFilth88 Another Funky One! TR-626  05/15/03
CradleOfFilth88E-mail CradleOfFilth88 Crazy Fast Bass!   05/15/03
CradleOfFilth88E-mail CradleOfFilth88 Heavy Metal   01/18/06
CradleOfFilth88E-mail CradleOfFilth88 Samba/ Castanet Be   05/15/03
Gensai RVisit homepage TR-707  03/14/05
!3loodyE-mail !3loody Cuba Funk   04/18/05
JdmediaE-mail Jdmedia DanceHall01_Shake   09/17/03
DJ Karl MarxE-mail DJ Karl Marx Dissolved Girl Rem   10/09/04
ZabgrutE-mail Zabgrut FRENZY!   01/05/04
Kill 3eli4l KillE-mail Kill 3eli4l Kill Funky Shit   03/03/03
DJ Karl MarxE-mail DJ Karl Marx Hip-hop   10/09/04
JdmediaE-mail Jdmedia HipHop01_DirtySouf   09/17/03
JdmediaE-mail Jdmedia HipHop02_LA Chill   09/17/03
JdmediaE-mail Jdmedia HipHop03_GroovDeep   09/24/03
JdmediaE-mail Jdmedia HipHop06_Get 'em   09/24/03
DJ WindbreakerE-mail DJ Windbreaker Rave   06/22/08
DJ Karl MarxE-mail DJ Karl Marx R'nB/Garage   10/09/04
Silkyd89 African Beat TR-727  12/29/06
DeepfreezeE-mail Deepfreeze Beat #24   08/19/03
Shitbeat RE-mail Shitbeat Carribean Speed   08/26/02
Dlaory RE-mail Dlaory Exotic...   10/16/05
DeepfreezeE-mail Deepfreeze Fire 4   08/19/03
Troop Of EchoesE-mail Troop Of Echoes Huntsman   07/21/03
MamaE-mail Mama Kathakali-Mukund   07/05/04
LrhE-mail Lrh 808 2 TR-808  03/12/05
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