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There are 2533 loops in the archive. The latest loop was added by AK on September 23, 2015.

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Konnektion420 FreeStyle RevBass   02/13/03
ChernobylE-mail Chernobyl Freestylin   10/13/02
AnubisE-mail Anubis Frenzy   02/05/06
MeCkE-mail MeCk Fresh   06/06/04
Shamrock GE-mail Shamrock G FreshLoop   06/18/05
Massao AyudaE-mail Massao Ayuda Frevo   08/01/04
SheaulleE-mail Sheaulle Frickle   11/01/03
Troop Of EchoesE-mail Troop Of Echoes From PD   07/21/03
DrumerE-mail Drumer Ft Hawanna-scrizo   08/05/09
Dj CohenE-mail Dj Cohen Fuck Face 2   10/06/04
Irish-NutterE-mail Irish-Nutter Full Room   01/11/04
EnzoE-mail Enzo Fun   04/12/04
IncredidaveE-mail Incredidave Funk   02/22/03
McandiE-mail Mcandi Funk   03/16/03
NetKadabraE-mail NetKadabra Funk 2003   03/02/03
Bassman400E-mail Bassman400 Funk Magic And Hav   12/29/05
NetKadabraE-mail NetKadabra Funk Maneiro   03/02/03
Beats PlcE-mail Beats Plc Funk Plc   04/08/04
Apatcho CheiedE-mail Apatcho Cheied Funk Swing Rain   04/11/09
Dj CohenE-mail Dj Cohen Funkanddrum   10/06/04
Dan1890 Funkaybeastz   08/06/99
Funki Fungi E-mail Funki Fungi Funki Fungi   09/06/03
DarkprojectE-mail DarkprojectVisit homepage Funking Hot Damn   10/18/04
Erik Bosko Funkster   05/31/99
5 AcesE-mail 5 Aces FUNKY   10/27/04
Morg Funky   10/01/99
AnubisE-mail Anubis Funky Beat   02/05/06
Matt FornE-mail Matt Forn Funky Beats   12/07/03
YancoE-mail Yanco Funky Brown 2007   02/17/07
Stupid KhorE-mail Stupid Khor Funky Cross   09/10/04
FunnymisterE-mail Funnymister Funky Drums   05/21/03
JeroenkraanE-mail Jeroenkraan Funky Flavour!   03/03/03
Silkyd89 Funky For James Br   12/29/06
AndydmanE-mail Andydman Funky Hip Hop   04/19/04
Konnektion420 Funky Melody   02/13/03
8 Mile GuyE-mail 8 Mile Guy Funky Tech   04/04/03
CradleOfFilth88E-mail CradleOfFilth88 FUNKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!   05/15/03
Prv Fizz104E-mail Prv Fizz104 Funkybeat   09/05/06
SolaE-mail Sola FunkyBeat 1st Try   11/02/03
YabutiE-mail YabutiVisit homepage FunkyCool   12/13/05
Punkbot99 Funkyshark   08/17/99
TG06E-mail TG06 Future Dre Pt 3   08/15/03
TG06E-mail TG06 Future Dre Pt. 2   08/15/03
TG06E-mail TG06 Future Dre Pt. 4   08/15/03
TG06E-mail TG06 Future Dre Pt. 4   08/15/03
G-Man G   07/30/99
C-MahE-mail C-Mah Gabber   06/08/08
Kill 3eli4l KillE-mail Kill 3eli4l Kill Gabber1   03/03/03
Kill 3eli4l KillE-mail Kill 3eli4l Kill Gabber2   03/03/03
SwapnilconverterE-mail Swapnilconverter Gad Swa NASIK DHOL   07/16/08
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