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There are 2533 loops in the archive. The latest loop was added by AK on September 23, 2015.

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TechNeo Cool Cops   07/13/10
Paul 65E-mail Paul 65 Cool Dude   03/28/04
Willie WortelE-mail Willie Wortel Cool Loop   05/07/03
CjwE-mail Cjw Cool2   04/05/06
Mike Silver Coolbeat   02/29/00
Gold BassVisit homepage Cooler Hop   08/04/05
AndydmanE-mail Andydman Coolest Of All   04/26/04
ViniMan Coolio   03/09/06
Massao AyudaE-mail Massao Ayuda Coool   08/01/04
CozE-mail Coz Coz 2-1 Bar Funky   06/01/03
CozE-mail Coz Coz No.1   06/01/03
RodStarE-mail RodStar Craiova Nation   07/27/03
CrossCheck Crash   08/13/99
Zipper747E-mail Zipper747 Crash Loop   04/13/05
MeCkE-mail MeCk Crazierness   06/06/04
DjalendeluxE-mail Djalendelux CRAZY BEAT   05/27/03
ViniMan Crazy Jungles   03/09/06
ViniMan Crazy ViniMan   03/09/06
JERK Creepy   11/30/99
Kareed44E-mail Kareed44 Creepy Creed's 1s   08/27/06
CrossCheck Crosover   08/13/99
MeCkE-mail MeCk CroSSbow   08/31/04
MruvorE-mail Mruvor Cryedyhasselful   12/21/03
DJ TSANSE-mail DJ TSANS Cú Di Boi!!!   09/25/05
Levi E-mail Levi D&B   04/28/05
DJ Jynx D&B1   08/01/99
Drums In My HeadE-mail Drums In My Head D&K Cadence Part 1   06/26/04
Drums In My HeadE-mail Drums In My Head D&K Cadence Part 2   06/26/04
Mbeezyweey Da Da Da Da Da Da   12/30/09
Igor R Da Flip   09/24/99
Twizzled & ImpaqE-mail Twizzled & Impaq Da Jump Off   11/14/04
Zanas Da Pórchi   02/25/06
5 AcesE-mail 5 Aces DA STREETS   10/27/04
King MoehaE-mail King Moeha Damn Funky   01/15/09
`spooKE-mail `spooK Dance   10/18/03
DjpacE-mail Djpac Dance   11/13/05
CaragonE-mail Caragon Dance `n Trance   07/10/03
KaboomE-mail Kaboom Dance 2 This   02/09/05
Nemesis OneE-mail Nemesis One Dance Baby   07/03/03
BuzzE-mail Buzz Dance Beat   01/17/03
Dj Ice E-mail Dj Ice Dance Man BR   10/17/04
Dj Ice E-mail Dj Ice Dance Music   10/10/04
Konnektion420 DanceBeat   02/13/03
AK RE-mail AK Dancehall   03/28/06
TichuE-mail Tichu Dancin' Feet   01/18/06
Dj SteefE-mail Dj Steef Dark Beat   05/16/03
(music)^‡  RE-mail (music)^‡ Dark Loop   12/16/06
!3loodyE-mail !3loody DCI-Groove   04/18/05
Salvadork RE-mail SalvadorkVisit homepage DecentLoop   01/12/09
Hilton Young DeepBass1   05/05/99
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