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There are 2533 loops in the archive. The latest loop was added by AK on September 23, 2015.

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Troop Of EchoesE-mail Troop Of Echoes Citric Concision Record Scratch  07/21/03
Gold BassVisit homepage City Of Industry Industrial  09/23/05
GalacticsquidE-mail Galacticsquid Clap   08/05/03
JaboingaE-mail Jaboinga Clap   11/29/02
SpeakeasyE-mail Speakeasy Clap N Cymbal   01/11/04
CelestialAragornE-mail CelestialAragorn Clapclapclap   03/08/03
CelestialAragornE-mail CelestialAragorn Clapp   03/08/03
UkpunkdrummerE-mail Ukpunkdrummer Clapping Yamaha RY-30  08/11/06
ViniMan Clappy TR-909  03/12/06
PantherM0dernE-mail PantherM0dern Clapz   01/30/04
AK RE-mail AK Classic Groove Acoustic #4  05/05/07
Adriaantje113E-mail Adriaantje113 Classic Hardcore TR-909  08/18/09
WatomassoE-mail Watomasso CLEMIS   10/22/08
TelboyE-mail Telboy Clipper   12/07/03
ZabgrutE-mail Zabgrut Clockisticking SC-Tom  01/05/04
Boogie Mann666E-mail Boogie Mann666 CloseToJoeyJ.LoL Acoustic #3  01/21/06
GoDdevilE-mail GoDdevil Clown Register   04/01/03
Orhun67E-mail Orhun67 Clubpro HipHop  04/30/07
Orhun67E-mail Orhun67 Clubpro2   04/30/07
RolladiceoffearE-mail Rolladiceoffear Clumsy HipHop  11/19/02
UrbanfaeriE-mail UrbanfaeriVisit homepage Cockbroach   07/02/07
RodStarE-mail RodStar Coconut Kids   07/27/03
ConetahE-mail Conetah Coffee BreakBeats #1  02/20/08
BeeZee 88E-mail BeeZee 88 Come On, Y'all Voices  04/23/03
WaveonicE-mail Waveonic Come Or Not Acoustic  02/09/03
TravelsonicE-mail Travelsonic Comedy Drum Thingy Acoustic #3  01/31/05
Adamwall21E-mail Adamwall21 Comin' For Ya 2nd Jungle  01/07/08
EnzoE-mail Enzo Complex   04/12/04
DJ WindbreakerE-mail DJ Windbreaker CompuElectro CR 8000  06/22/08
.:PunkStar:.E-mail .:PunkStar:. COOL Acoustic #2  01/02/06
CjwE-mail Cjw Cool   04/05/06
GFunky Cool   03/06/03
JasperE-mail Jasper Cool   04/12/04
SolaE-mail Sola Cool Bananas   11/02/03
TwiryanE-mail Twiryan Cool Beat   09/19/05
TechNeo Cool Cops   07/13/10
Paul 65E-mail Paul 65 Cool Dude   03/28/04
TechnoguyE-mail Technoguy Cool Funk :) Yamaha RY-30  03/22/09
CozE-mail Coz Cool Indo Style Industrial  07/03/03
Willie WortelE-mail Willie Wortel Cool Loop   05/07/03
Shadow RE-mail Shadow Cool Shiznit Korg Rhythm 55  12/17/02
CjwE-mail Cjw Cool2   04/05/06
Mike Silver Coolbeat   02/29/00
Gold BassVisit homepage Cooler Hop   08/04/05
AndydmanE-mail Andydman Coolest Of All   04/26/04
ViniMan Coolio   03/09/06
Massao AyudaE-mail Massao Ayuda Coool   08/01/04
Dj EpHEE-mail Dj EpHE Corn2beat Coron DS-7  02/03/07
(music)^  RE-mail (music)^ CoronExperience Coron DS-7  01/23/08
Lord FlyE-mail Lord Fly Cought In The Act Voices  03/19/03
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