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Wmda92E-mail Wmda92 JUNGLE BEAT   05/26/06
SyE-mail Sy Jungle Breaks Drum n Bass #1  03/23/03
SyE-mail Sy Jungle Breaks 2 Drum n Bass #1  03/23/03
SyE-mail Sy Jungle Breaks 3 BreakBeats #1  03/23/03
SyE-mail Sy Jungle Breaks 4 Drum n Bass #1  03/23/03
SifierE-mail Sifier Jungle Crash   08/28/03
Mooc 1995E-mail Mooc 1995 Jungle Drums Jungle  06/25/06
AnimalE-mail Animal Jungle Fever   11/06/03
Avataar Jungle Fever   06/21/99
DarkprojectE-mail DarkprojectVisit homepage Jungle Fever Big Beat  10/18/04
JunglegeorgeE-mail Junglegeorge Jungle George   12/30/02
DJ Chip Jungle Hop   11/30/99
DJ Chip Jungle Hop 2   11/30/99
GenerichighE-mail Generichigh Jungle J   08/26/06
Techno TomE-mail Techno Tom Jungle Jam Bongo  12/18/02
Hambone8 JrE-mail Hambone8 Jr Jungle Love   03/07/08
GenerichighE-mail Generichigh Jungle Rave   08/26/06
C-MahE-mail C-Mah Jungle V.2.0   05/11/08
Gold BassVisit homepage Jungle W/TR-909   07/29/05
Bad Boy 1E-mail Bad Boy 1Visit homepage Jungle Ver. 2 BreakBeats #1  11/24/03
SifierE-mail Sifier Jungle Wild   08/28/03
SifierE-mail Sifier Jungle Wilder   08/28/03
ILLuSiOn E-mail  ILLuSiOn Jungle!! Bongo  10/03/03
DJ RedphaceE-mail DJ Redphace JUNGLE.HH Revised   03/28/04
Stian Hole Jungle01   11/25/99
Stian Hole Jungle02   11/25/99
Gino Isidro Jungle1   06/18/99
DJ Jynx Jungle2   08/01/99
Bram Bos RVisit homepage Jungle32   07/04/99
DJ Jynx Junglebeat   08/01/99
NeoholicE-mail Neoholic Junglee   01/15/07
PrototypeE-mail Prototype JungleJump   11/21/02
Drums In My HeadE-mail Drums In My Head Junglemix   05/02/04
SifierE-mail Sifier JungleNoise   08/28/03
HahahaE-mail Hahaha Junglerhythm Jungle  08/26/08
HahahaE-mail Hahaha Junglerhythm2 Jungle  08/27/08
PantherM0dernE-mail PantherM0dern Junglish   01/30/04
Blingbling RE-mail Blingbling Junglist Massive Jungle  08/18/03
G-SpotterE-mail G-Spotter Just Clap Along   12/18/03
VehdoggE-mail VehdoggVisit homepage Just Say Yo Name   09/27/05
SaaaamE-mail Saaaam Just Some Thingy Slap Bass #2  09/28/09
MeCkE-mail MeCk J-Vizzle   09/18/04
Gensai RVisit homepage K BreakBeats #3  03/17/05
FillerE-mail Filler Kaneckt   11/22/02
Punkbot99 Kangaroo   08/17/99
MamaE-mail Mama Kathakali-Mukund TR-727  07/05/04
K8E-mail K8 K-beat 2 BreakBeats #1  11/15/04
SistaORAHE-mail SistaORAH Keenscene   06/02/12
KaboomE-mail Kaboom Keep Dancing   02/09/05
PaydayE-mail Payday Keep It Gangsta Jazz  05/24/03
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