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There are 2533 loops in the archive. The latest loop was added by AK on September 23, 2015.

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NetKadabraE-mail NetKadabra 2ºFunkRemix   03/09/03
NetKadabraE-mail NetKadabra Bongo :-) Bongo   
CelestialAragornE-mail CelestialAragorn Messed Up   03/08/03
CelestialAragornE-mail CelestialAragorn Clapp    
CelestialAragornE-mail CelestialAragorn Ease    
CelestialAragornE-mail CelestialAragorn Rat Beats    
ACIDICEE-mail ACIDICE Neo Groove   
ACIDICEE-mail ACIDICE Plasma Anabolic   
ACIDICEE-mail ACIDICE Motha Fucka    
ACIDICEE-mail ACIDICE Tribes TR-909   
CelestialAragornE-mail CelestialAragorn Wooooo    
CelestialAragornE-mail CelestialAragorn Clapclapclap    
ZolxenE-mail Zolxen CrazyWierdAcoustic Acoustic  03/07/03
ZolxenE-mail Zolxen SlappyRock Acoustic   
ZolxenE-mail Zolxen MadJunglistStyle Acoustic   
CelestialAragornE-mail CelestialAragorn Hacksux    
DamianE-mail Damian 011   03/06/03
DamianE-mail Damian 010    
DamianE-mail Damian 009    
GFunky Awesome    
GFunky Cool    
Insane DrummerE-mail Insane Drummer The Sickest Beat   03/05/03
GFunky Sly   03/04/03
GFunky Nice    
ACIDICEE-mail ACIDICE Frost Kicks & Snares  03/03/03
ACIDICEE-mail ACIDICE Pressure House #2   
ACIDICEE-mail ACIDICE Brainfreeze BreakBeats #1   
JeroenkraanE-mail Jeroenkraan Funky Flavour!    
Yossygreat82kgE-mail Yossygreat82kgVisit homepage Three Point Jump    
Kill 3eli4l KillE-mail Kill 3eli4l Kill Beatboxin' Beatbox   
Kill 3eli4l KillE-mail Kill 3eli4l Kill Gabber2    
Kill 3eli4l KillE-mail Kill 3eli4l Kill Gabber1    
Kill 3eli4l KillE-mail Kill 3eli4l Kill Gabber Breaks BreakBeats #3   
Kill 3eli4l KillE-mail Kill 3eli4l Kill Funky Shit TR-707   
AK RE-mail AK Relentless Jungle   
NetKadabraE-mail NetKadabra Funk 2003   03/02/03
NetKadabraE-mail NetKadabra Anabolic2003 Anabolic   
NetKadabraE-mail NetKadabra Funk Maneiro    
NetKadabraE-mail NetKadabra Super Ritmo    
NetKadabraE-mail NetKadabra A Forró Legal    
TagadatsointoinE-mail Tagadatsointoin Basic Rock   03/01/03
Scott La RockE-mail Scott La Rock 7/8th Time Rock Acoustic #2  02/27/03
Jeanlopes Hipofuncao Auditiv   02/26/03
Jeanlopes Samba2    
Jeanlopes Elogio A Loucura 3    
Yossygreat82kgE-mail Yossygreat82kgVisit homepage Opera Could Never   02/25/03
AndruChaoE-mail AndruChao Country Acoustic #2   
AndruChaoE-mail AndruChao East Coast Record Scratch   
Alef0E-mail Alef0 Hoernchen   02/23/03
GFunky Smooth   02/22/03
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