Replace the file Custmgui.dll with one of the files below to replace HammerHead's entire sound bank with new sounds.

Be sure to follow the instructions in the included .txt file.

The files are approximately 900 kb.
Download custmgui.zipcustmgui.zip

Download custmgui2.zipcustmgui2.zip

Download custmgui3.zipcustmgui3.zip

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Here are 50+ user banks you can use to add some variation to your HammerHead beats. All .hubs have been put in a .zip archive to minimize download time. If you have any ideas for sounds that would make a great .hub, don't be afraid to let us know by dropping a message in the Forum.
Acoustic (315 kb)
An acoustic sounding drum kit, containing a kick drum, a snare drum, side stick and toms.
Acoustic #2 (272 kb)
More acoustic sounds. Kick, snare, ride cymbal, hihats and crash.
Acoustic #3 (297 kb)
Another acoustic .hub. Kick, snare, ride cymbal, toms.
Acoustic #4 (199 kb)
Dry acoustic drums. Kick, 2 snares, hihats and crash.
Anabolic * (261 kb)
A personal favourite...
Beatbox (51 kb)
Human beatbox.
Big Beat (73 kb)
Big Beat. 2 BD, 2 SD, 2 HH.
Bongo (94 kb)
Assorted bongo drums.
BreakBeats (690 kb)
Six fast breakbeats to spice up your boring patterns.
BreakBeats #2 (647 kb)
More breakbeats...
BreakBeats #3 (682 kb)
Even more breakbeats...
BreakBeats #4 (774 kb)
Includes a 303 break and two cool percussion breaks.
Coron Drum Synce DS-7 (467 kb)
Classic disco toms.
CompuRhythm 78 * (57 kb)
Sounds from Roland CompuRhythm 78.
CompuRhythm 8000 * (56 kb)
Sounds from Roland CompuRhythm 8000.
Cymbals (871 kb)
Assorted cymbals (HH, Splash, Chinese, Ride bell, Ride, Crash).
Darbuka (211 kb)
Ethnic percussion.
Drum n Bass #1 * (130 kb)
Drum n Bass .hub.
Drum n Bass #2 * (174 kb)
Another Drum n Bass .hub...
Drum n Bass #3 (86 kb)
A third D'n'B .hub.
Groove * (83 kb)
Great for making breakbeats.
HipHop (87 kb)
Hip hop don't stop.
House (111 kb)
House... or something.
House #2 (104 kb)
More house drums... or whatever.
Industrial * (117 kb)
Industrial drums and FX.
Jazz (170 kb)
Some jazzy samples (kick, some snares and some hats).
Jungle (292 kb)
Jungle/DnB drum sounds.
K2000 * (201 kb)
Kurzweil K2000 Acoustic Rom Drums.
Kicks & Snares (204 kb)
Assorted kick and snare drums (3 of each).
KR55 * (135 kb)
Korg Rhythm 55 sounds.
LinnDrum * (97 kb)
LinnDrum sounds.
Minipops (45 kb)
Samples from Korg Minipops. Very analogue...
Poisoner * (139 kb)
Samples are ripped from ReBirth Pitch Black Edition.
Rap * (270 kb)
Rap/R&B .hub.
Record Scratch (355 kb)
Record scratch sounds by yair.gy.
RY-30 (224 kb)
Yamaha RY-30 sounds (2 BD, 2 SD, Clap and Crash).
SC-Tom * (105 kb)
Sequential Circuits Tom, has cool congas and snare drums.
Slap Bass #1 (143 kb)
Slap bass samples in the key of C major (C,D,E,F,G,A).
Slap Bass #2 (342 kb)
Same as above (but different).
Spasm #1 (320 kb)
Industrial noise.
Spasm #2 (257 kb)
Same as above (but different).
Stomper * (101 kb)
Stomper sounds, made by Hydra303.
System-100 * (186 kb)
Roland System-100 sounds.
Tabla (167 kb)
Indian percussion.
TR-505 (119 kb)
Samples from Roland TR-505 (bass drum, snare, hihats, ride cymbal and clap).
TR-606 #1 (252 kb)
Samples from Roland TR-606 (bass drum, cymbal, hihats and toms).
TR-606 #2 * (209 kb)
More 606 sounds.
TR-626 * (102 kb)
Roland TR-626, the one with the cool china cymbal.
TR-707 * (43 kb)
Roland TR-707 sounds.
TR-727 * (74 kb)
Roland TR-727, lots of congas and shit...
TR-808 (246 kb)
Roland TR-808, 2 BD, SD, HH:s and cymbal.
TR-909 * (173 kb)
Roland TR-909, need we say more?
Ultimate DnB (114 kb)
Hard DnB drum kit. 2 BD, 2 SD, 2 tambourines.
Univox * (278 kb)
Sounds from Univox Micro Rhythmer 12.
Voices (324 kb)
Break!, Go!, Dig this!, Break it down!, Ahh..., Come on, y'all!.
Visco Space Drum (70 kb)
Visco Space Drum Samples.
*) This user bank and demo
loop(s) courtesy of Hydra303.

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