From Shareware Music Machine:

"This is the kind of software programme that makes you feel good all day. You've got a software for audio & midi, you have some software synths, maybe some midi hardware, but you still need a drumbox to create your riddims ouside of the loops you're using...

Well here it is... and what an awesome software it is too! The loops it creates are absolutely fantastic man, they really kik! Plus, you can import user samples into the software to add to the sounds. This thing is FREE, and sounds as good as any drum box I heard with kikin' 44.1 audio! Phew!
Once you have created your patterns or song, you can then write it direct to a .wav file from where it can be exported to your sampler, sampler card, or to an audio track in your midi & h/d software such as Cakewalk to play with the track !"

From The Tapeless Studio:

"Hammerhead is one of the most popular freeware music programs on the Internet. Very simply, it's geared to let you make "dance/electronic"-style (ok, "jungle/breakbeat"-style, for those that are picky about these things) drum loops out of either your own or the program's built-in samples.

[...] So why is it so popular? Because it is so simple; you can throw your own samples and drum loops in easily, and they'll be instantly synced up and ready to go. For all it's limitations, Hammerhead is surprisingly useful, and one of the easiest-to-use programs we've listed here. If you're a complete newcomer to computer-based music, Hammerhead is simplest way to get started making your own drum loops."

From Download.com:

"(5/5) Most music-creation software is mired in overly complex interfaces and indecipherable jargon. HammerHead Rhythm Station 1.0 couldn't be more different. The percussion tool makes beat composition an effortless endeavor, even for those who have never used a drum machine. Although the software doesn't have much in the way of features, it doesn't need to. Six channels, 16 beat tracks, and basic tempo control provide a straightforward way to make unique beats. Any track worth saving can be exported as a CD-quality WAV file. Experienced beat aficionados may tire quickly of the minuscule sample library and effects tools, as well as the complete lack of integration with other music software titles. However, the software couldn't be more perfect for beginners who want to learn the drum-machine basics. Best of all, it's 100 percent freeware."
From ovalwindow.com:

"The Hammerhead Rhythm Station falls squarely into the category of 'life's simple pleasures'. Even if you've never played around with a drum machine or sample sequencer of any kind, you'll be churning out grooves in a flash with little effort. Although it lacks most of the features found in higher-end hardware and software, those with serious intent may still find Hammerhead useful for roughing out ideas quickly with very little twiddling.
[...] Sometimes, less can be more. If you're experienced, a no-frills beat sequencer like Hammerhead can let you sketch a solid groove foundation without getting distracted by bells and whistles. If you're a novice, Hammerhead will definitely put a smile on your face, and give you a good (and free) introduction to the basics of beat creation."

From EM411.COM:

"Hammerhead is downloaded from the website and installed via a fairly small EXE (1.4 MB). Install is quick and simple with no problems.

Once installed, Hammerhead is very easy to use and easily passed my "20 second idiot test" (i.e. can I get anything useful-sounding out of the thing in 20 seconds or less without having to RTFM?). It's mainly based around one primary screen, which is roughly based on the old "Roland 909 style" layout: a 4-beat grid of buttons based on 16th. notes.

While Hammerhead comes with quite a decent selection of sounds pre-installed, I highly recommend that the first thing you do is check out and download some of the excellent user-created soundbanks available from the website. There's a wide variety of very good quality sounds available for your to check out in real-time (the site has streaming RealAudio sound samples for each soundbank, which really makes things easy to check out first: there's nothing more annoying than waiting forever for something to finally download, only to discover that it sucks or wasn't what you wanted!). There are sounds ranging in styles from accoustic kits, breakbeats, industrial sounds, DnB, etc. I particularly like the accoustic kits: some of the drums are really nice and punchy, and are perfect for generating realistic-sounding drum patterns (if that's what you're after, of course!).

The ReadMe that comes with Hammerhead is very informative and does a good job of explaining its various functions. There are also many useful tutorials and FAQ's available at the website.

[...] Hammerhead runs well with no noticable bugs or glitches on the NT4 and Win2000 systems I've used it on. The sounds are great: fat, punchy and useful for all sorts of musical styles (I know a lot of people love it specifically for dance/techno/industrial style loops, but you can use it for anything, even realistic-sounding rock styles). And with the large library of Userbanks available to download, you've got a nice-sized pallete of killer drums/percussion sounds available. And of course you can use the Userbank Creator to make your own soundbanks, which is great.

[...] Hammerhead makes it really easy to create killer-sounding drum/percussion loops, and has great sounds on top of all that...it's a winner. And of course, you can't beat the price! Go for it."

From The Sonic Spot:

"This program is simple to learn and use and comes with about 25 preset TR-909 style precussion sounds as well as a couple of classic drum loops. If you are looking for a mega-featured beat sequencer, this isn't the one, but it's simplicity makes it fun to use and lets you get down to business fast without finding yourself caught up in extra features.

[...] This program makes for a great drum beat sketch pad, has great sound quality and an even better price (free). If you are looking for a more serious beat creator, you'd be safe to skip checking this one out."

From Cool Tool:

"Everyone has their nervous habits. Some people bite their nails; others tap their feet. At CoolTool, we try not to discriminate between good and bad habits. But when your cubicle neighbor complains about your constant drumming on your desk, something has to change. Yeah, youíve got some talent, but you donít have enough variety in your instruments. A desk is always going to sound like a desk. How do you satisfy your percussive cravings without dragging a drum set with you?

[...] Hammerhead is the creative outlet you seek. Itís a drum machine with enough oomph to keep you playing for hours. If you like music with deep bass beats, look no further! Hammerhead is very easy to use because it's all point and click simplicity.

[...] This CoolTool is a lot of fun and makes an easy alternative to bruising your knuckles on your desktop. Best of all, itís free!"

From Jumping Jokes:

"Are you bored by the conventional way of getting hammered? Check this: Hammerhead - the coolest drum computer program on the Web (for Windows platforms only). Bram Bos provides a freeware tool that creates perfect drum loops in *.wav format. Excellent for your Flash animation or for any multitrack program. In addition to the built-in drum sounds, you can add your own "userbank". You can also exchange samples with other users on the Hammerhead home page. Be careful, Hammerhead is extremely addictive - groovy!"
From Freeware Home:

"Do you like music? Is there anyone who doesn't? (Well, maybe a couple; but let's not talk about them now!) Music is fun. Not just listening, but playing around with it - that's FUN. There are a lot of programs on the web that let you play with music. I've tried quite a few of them. Unfortunately, most were not very good. A few are, and one of the best is Hammerhead Rhythm Station.

[...] Create a great sound of your own, and the Hammerhead web site will let you upload it for others to use. I'd write more about it, but I think I'll go play with it, instead. You should do the same. You may even find a talent you never knew you had!"

From About.com:

"Voted as one of the best virtual drum machines, The Hammerhead is also very sleek in design and is fairly intuitive. Try it with one of the [softsynths] above, and have a ball, or just create some cool drum loops!" From Yahtzeen:

"[...] A year is a long time for me to keep anything on my computer, so it comes as no surprise that I really like HammerHead. I can rip off Atari Teenage Riot, The Crystal Method and Run DMC all in an afternoon (not well, but you get the idea) and unlike other similar pieces of software, HammerHead isn't a save-disable piece of freeware shit (um... remember that one made by Propellerheads?). Nope, you can export your loops and samples as either .wav or .raw files and import them into just about everything. My visions of creating a dub narcotic like project comprised of Yahtzeen staffers just might make it off the back burner..."

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