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"hola estoy interesada en conocer este

- NELSY TORRES BOCANEGRA, January 19, 2012
"I uaed this app back in the late 90's . I initially
used it for making break-beats with looped
samples.. Simple. Powerfull and was free.

- jose vanta, November 9, 2010
"thanks for having such an awesome site!!! it really helped me"

- Kristi, January 13, 2009
"i beats it's a fun thing to do.


- kevin, September 13, 2008

"Lost this GEM of a Program in a
Meltdown of HD, I originally
got it at :threechords.com, way
back in 98! Best out of many
tried, too easy to not like it!

Others allot like it there that
are also well worth a Look & Try!
Once you try it You won't believe
it's Freeware as well.. ;)
(Above Posted at: Download.com
It is Available there!!

**Type in "Hammerhead Drums"**"

- DrDave_US, January 30, 2008

"I agree with all the above who love Cool Edit 96. Unfortunately I lost mine in various computer meltdowns. Now there are lots of sites saying they have it but when I try to download, some other program always comes up! Does anyone know how I can find it- or willing to email it to me? Would be much appreciated.
Thanks, David

- David Isakson, August 22, 2007
"I'm using CE96 as a mixdown tool for 4-track cassette recordings and some demos made on a Sony tape machine. Simple interface, works like a champ."

- Bandana, February 14, 2007
"A superb sound recorder and editor, with an easy-to-use intuitive interface. I recommend Cool Edit 96 to all my friends. Please keep it available for download!

A tip for newbies - remember to use Cool Edit 96 in conjunction with the Windows volume control. To adjust the audio input volume to CE 96, open the Windows volume control, then go to Options > Properties > Recording (you may need to change the mixer device so that the Recording option is not greyed out). Select the input volume controls you want to use, then click on OK and the controls will be displayed.

To record streaming audio (e.g. something streamed by RealPlayer) go to the Windows input volume controls as just described and select the Stereo Mix option. Open Cool Edit 96 and click on Record. You are now recording everything that is passing through your sound card. If RealPlayer (say) is also open and is streaming sound, you are recording that sound. When the stream is finished, just save it as a .wav file with CE 96."

- John B, December 17, 2006

"So, since discovering Cool Edit 95, and later 96... I've tried countless other pieces of software for editing, and still come back to CE96 most of the time.

So now that Cool Edit is out-of-date, and syntrillium no longer exists... is it legal to give out passwords to register software that the author has abandoned, for which the rights have been bought out, and for which there is no longer any software support? Adobe would not sell me a reg for CE96 ... they just wanted me to buy the new stuff for $$$outrageous. No thanks, I don't wan't your software, I like what I have, but I'd like to do away with having to close it out and reload it each time I want to use another feature.

Yes, I'm poor. I use CE96 to edit an amateur radio news program which airs on the local ham repeater on Monday nights, and to make the announcements for the ham radio club, but I have used CE to record music in the past, and will probably use it again many many years into the future...

I hope that computers 20 years from now will still be able to run it!"

- Paul, June 7, 2006

"As many other people, I've been using Cooledit96 for eight years now. It's still the best bang for the buck in terms of software I've got ever since. The 'new instance' feature in this program makes a week-long of multitrack sound editing and synching so easy that you may forget at times that you are actually doing it as work!
That said, I've been using Cooledit96 to make Museum Shows, and more than 2000 files of voiceover for multimedia software. The noise reduction saved me quite some times, too.
As easy as an word processor, Cooledit is the way to go. I've tried Audition, Soundforge, but I'm still waiting for some miracle to come up with Cooledit2007 :-)

- Arv, June 7, 2006
"thank you 4 simplifing my studio."

- mathew brian valentine, March 16, 2006
"Cool Edit 96 rocks. Have used cool edit for years, now use cool edit pro 2. I feel it is a shame that it has been bought out by Adobe, but hope that the creators of this marvelous program have a happy and financially secure retirement. Cool Edit is THE audio editor. Much more intuitive than SoundForge and in its later forms (Cool Edit 2) supports multi-track recording and editing. Stick 5 SoundBlaster Live value cards into your computer with Kx Project drivers, add CoolEdit 2 and you've got a state of the art recording studio (ok so you need some microphones and stuff as well)."

- steve, October 16, 2005
"CoolEdit is *THE* *ULTIMATE* wav/sound editor! True, it does not support multiple tracks, but a clever user can find ways around this shortcoming. If you truly need multiple tracks, you can afford to buy the real thing! CHEAPSKATE!!! I am not employed in audio, I use the program to loop beats! It is AWESOME! I can time expand or compress (that means custom beats per minute), do *ANY* guitar pedal effect (reverb, distortion, choral... sure, it takes a minute or two, if you want instantaneous effects you have to pay $60 per effect for a pedal!)... I recommend that any audiophile, any Digital DJ, anyone interested in manipulating audio get this program, (and now that it's bought out...) get a crack, and BURN IT! This is an invaluable resource for manipulating single audio tracks! What more can I say?"

- angryredplanet, February 4, 2005
"I got the CoolEdit96 demo by chance many many years ago, and have used it countless times to record songs. The plug ins and in particular the noise reduction features are second to none - even today I think. The only drawback (aside from the 2 function demo limit, which doesn't bother me much) is the limit of one track. For years, while I was poor, I just "mix-pasted" lots of tracks onto the one. A bit dodgy quality wise but it worked. Now, I use ProTools, I still transfer files between a lot so I can use the noise reducer and really cool FX (which are waaaaay better - shocking!). Amazing piece of software!!!"

- Rainbow, November 24, 2004
"For not having to pay anything...it's the best that I know of so far. I'm not out to spend $299 for the latest version...I guess that's for the serious recording candidate. I compose tracker music for fun, and Cool Edit 96 or v1.5x is what I've always used."

- Jeremiah M. Stanfill, September 22, 2004
"Hey, when you search google for 'cool edit 96', this site comes out on top, even over adobe! This is the best sound editing program i have seen. It does so much, and the file size is tiny. Eight years down the line, i think it's still best"

- Edo, July 21, 2004
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